Mindset Reset

Reset your mindset so that you can improve your productivity and focus

Course Summary

This quick and easy course will guide you through meeting your authentic self, getting past harmful habits, and pushing the reset button on your business (and ultimately, your life).

 You’ll learn how to:

  • Get past self-defeating habits like procrastination
  • Make a commitment to changing what isn’t working for you
  • Determine what’s toxic in your business, your relationships and your own mindset
  • Gain more emotional energy to deal with everything in business and life
  • Do more with your business
  • Experience a massive uptick in gratitude, joy and fulfillment from your business

Sound good? Here’s exactly what you can expect from this self-paced, 4-module course: 

Module One: Ditch Everything (and Everyone) That Brings You Down

Module One is all about taking inventory of who and what’s draining you, so you can decide what to do about it and bring joy back to your biz and your relationships.

  In Module One, we’ll cover…

  • How to decide what work (and chores) to switch, ditch or delegate
  • The #1 “bad” habit that’s stopping you from getting things done and reaching your full potential
  • Setting strong boundaries with clients, family, and friends so you stop feeling used and overworked
  • How to identify toxic client and personal relationships
  • Limiting your exposure to energy vampires 

Module Two: Count Your Blessings

By the end of Module 2, you’ll understand that gratitude isn’t just some rosy, airy-fairy concept. Instead, you’ll see it as the transformational tool it truly is.

In module Two, we’ll cover… 

  • How to find more things to be immensely grateful for in your business and life
  • Proven tools to keep your vibration high
  • Ways to uncover ‘hidden’ blessings in your life and plug back into the joy
  • How to raise your spirits even when you can’t think of a single thing you’re thankful for
  • How to properly use gratitude and what to do when unwanted feelings crop up while you’re riding the gratitude train
  • Powerful benefits that stem from appreciating the little things in life  

Module Three: Be Enthusiastically Authentic

Module Three will help you get over the feeling that you should do something because “everybody else is” and help the true you shine through.

In module Three, we’ll cover… 

  • Why loving who you are and showing it to the world will land you more clients
  • What ‘finding your voice’ actually means – and how to use yours to blog, email and do social media in a way that feels true-to-you 
  • Filtering the whirlwind of advice coming at you online – and how to know how to choose what’s right for you
  • How to tap into the authentic you
  • Why your story is your strongest selling point
  • Why you don’t have to be something you’re not to succeed in the online space
  • How to set up communication boundaries that keep you and your clients and potential clients happy 

Module Four: Build a Business You Can Love Again

Ready to give your business the makeover it desperately needs? Here’s the truth: Over time, if you're not diligent, you may find that your business has morphed into something you never envisioned. In this module, we’re going to identify what you need to do differently in order to love your business again.

In module Four, we’ll cover…

  • The simple process to help you determine whether your ideal client is still your ideal client
  • How to rework your existing programs and offers so you're excited to talk about – and offer them – again
  • How to give your knowledge a powerful booster shot 


Dee Collins is the founder, publisher and editor of New Zealand magazine, focus – a high-quality business and lifestyle magazine featuring women who encourage, inspire, empower, educate, connect and entertain.

Dee is also an accountability coach and the founder of Focus Tribe Online membership site.


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