There are so many membership sites out there. What makes Focus Tribe Online different?

 We are laser-focused on empowering and inspiring women so everything we do is geared towards this. We love helping you learn new skills so that you can move the needle in your business forward.

We also have numerous skilled women who teach the courses which means you aren’t just listening to one voice, one opinion or watching one style of teaching. We love variety and have collaborated with women all over the world to bring you a wide variety of courses so that you can upskill or try something new.

I've been in business for years. Is this just for newbies?

Focus Tribe Online is for women at all different business levels. You might have a part time job and a side hustle that you would like to develop into a business or, perhaps, you are a stay-at-home mum who wants to make a bit of extra money. You might even have run your own business for years and are looking to upskill in certain areas and would like to be in a community of women who are endeavouring to up their game in all areas of their life.

As entrepreneurs, there are always new challenges and Focus Tribe Online is here to help you out.

What do you get as a member of Focus Tribe Online?

You get access to all the courses and Masterclasses on FTO and, each month we add a new course and Masterclass, so there’s always something new. We are also active in our Facebook Communityand this is where you get extra classes, answers to your questions, and you get to hand out with a like-minded community.

I live in America/South Africa/Australia… I’m in the PR/coaching/retail industry… I’m 21/42/62 years old… Is Focus Tribe Online for me?

Yes, absolutely. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do or where you live. You can access the courses at any time, wherever you live.

How much does it cost to be a member?

As a founding member, you will only pay US$17/month or US$170 for a year’s subscription (two months free with this option). If you decide to leave (sniff!) and come back at a later stage, you will be charged the new rate.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and can do this via your membership dashboard. Your membership will remain active until the end of your payment cycle. If you choose the annual membership, your subscription will only be cancelled at the end of the contract.