Dee Collins

Focus Tribe Online founder

Originally from Zimbabwe where she started her entrepreneurial journey with an exhibition business, Dee moved to New Zealand where she had to start from the bottom again before, once again, moving… this time to Queensland in Australia. It’s here she got back into the exhibition business and also created a wedding directory for the Sunshine Coast.

 With family in New Zealand, Dee and her husband decided to move back to NZ and have since settled in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island.

When her husband purchased a printing company, Dee had a ‘now or never’ moment and founded focus magazine – a high-quality business and lifestyle magazine for women – and published it for 6 years. Featuring women who encourage, inspire, empower, educate and entertain, the bi-monthly magazine was moved online in 2020 where it still enjoys a wide readership and Dee is still the editor.

In 2022, Dee found she had a bit more time and created Focus Tribe Online – a membership site for women just starting out in business who don't feel that confident (yet!) for whatever reason - their age, their previous experience, their tech skills - and want to upskill their business knowledge and earn more money.

Dee is also an empowerment and accountability coach and is driven by the fact that she never wants to end up in a rocking chair and look back on her life and say “I coulda, shoulda, woulda!”