Growing Your Email List With a Freebie: How to Create and Promote One

How would your business change if you could grow your email list?

Course Summary

We show you how to build an email list with a lead magnet and give you ideas on what lead magnets to produce and, once created, where to promote them.

It's no secret that building an email list is a top priority for every business, regardless of your niche, and here's why:

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, etc. can all change their algorithms at a moment’s notice so all those followers you have on your platforms won’t even see your latest posts. Your pages could also be banned or hacked and you don’t always get them back.

So, it makes sense to build an email list that you own and have control over. And the best way to grow your email list is to give something valuable away for free… with a lead magnet.

Whether you’re starting from zero or have a small email list, we’ll give you high-quality strategies to continue building your email list.

You’ve probably already got our FREE 10 Places To Share Your Lead Magnets guide but that’s just part of the story. Do you want ideas and examples of lead magnets, someone to teach you how to create a landing page and set up your email automation? Perhaps you’re not too sure about your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition – or you’re not too sure what to put in your emails? Well, we cover that too.

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, you’re not alone—but you don’t have to stay there…

What if you had a bundle of tools and courses to help you grow your email list?

And, what if these had all been created by experts who know what it’s like to own their own businesses and face challenges on how to get more leads and customers?

Don’t let another month or year pass where you look back and only have a sprinkling of new leads and customers.

Don’t let another day pass before taking action on growing your email list.

We’ve created an incredible bundle of products that will help you rapidly grow your email list with the right people.

What’s in the bundle?

The bundle is jam-packed with useful tools and lessons that will help you create success in your business journey.
We’ll help you get momentum on that email list and, once you’ve completed everything you will: 

  • Learn how to get people onto your list
  • Have amazing examples and ideas for lead magnets
  • How to create a lead magnet in Canva
  • Know what differentiates your business from other product or service providers
  • Walk away with the knowledge and free tools to set up your landing page
  • Learn the steps to automate your emails
  • Have created an email follow-up planner so you know what to say and when

This is what you get:

Lead Magnets & List Building online course by April Hiatt
– a sales funnel specialist, online business tech coach and website trainer – and is one of our trainers on Focus Tribe Online.

In this online course: 

  • April covers the importance of lead magnets and why you need at least one to generate leads in your business
  • You’ll learn how to create your lead magnet
  • Learn step-by-step how to create a landing page and Thank You Page
  • You’ll learn how to deliver your freebie
  • Learn how to promote it
  • Learn how to get your target market onto your list

Lead Magnets & List Building Masterclass led by April Hiatt
who covers freebies and list building in more depth.

You’ll also learn several exciting and actionable tips to promote your freebie and grow your list.

You have to be different to other product or service suppliers to stand out. If you’re not sure what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is, these questions will help you nut-down into your uniqueness.

Not too sure what lead magnets to create or looking for some different ideas?
We’ve given you 18 of our best ideas that create results.


Email Follow-Up Planner – Turn Your New Leads Into Customers.
You’re building your list but not too sure what emails to send out to your leads. This Email follow-up Planner will have you sorted in no time at all.  

We all have things we want to accomplish in our businesses – building an email list is one of them and should be given high priority.

  This entire bundle + the bonus are on offer at the discounted price of $11
we’ve only made a limited number available at this price.  After these are sold, the price goes up.

Take action NOW! 

You will have everything you need in this bundle to start building your email list
AND to keep it growing SUCCESSFULLY!

So, what are you waiting for? 

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