C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Conversations

Taking the ‘ick’ out of sales

Course Summary

Somewhere between no sales and hard sales is a place of strength and cooperation that is focused on your would-be client’s needs. A place where power is shared and together the best solution is created. C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Conversations are about weaving our head, heart, and gut so we can bring our whole selves to the conversation. If you are tangling your words or anxious, then you know you have strayed off course. Go back to the step by step and that help get you back into service.

Karen Kessler

Karen Kessler, as Director of Next-Level Leader Centre for Learning & Excellence, is focused on providing skill development training and opportunities for brilliant entrepreneurs who are ready
to create greater impact and reach.

Whether building personal leadership capacity, creating high-value and engaging eLearning courses, or raising the bar on authentic sales, the Next-Level Leaders in Karen's community are all committed to showing up for others while on their own magnificent journey. 

Course Curriculum