10 Places
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Growing your email list is critical as oftentimes, your mailing list is the only real protection you have. If someone has given you their email address they have shown that they are interested in what you do and are ready to engage in more of your content or products and, hopefully, become a customer of some sort. And if you aren’t selling any products, that’s ok! You should still be driving them back to your website so that you get more traffic. And every time you publish a new article/post, you can send out an email to your database and increase repeat traffic.

Nothing gets engagement like email and, as you grow your list, you can continually monetise it. Amazon and Mighty Ape are two examples of ecommerce sites that often send out emails enticing you with special offers and letting you know the latest book releases.

Email gets into your customer’s inbox and is the preferred method of effective communication... now and in the future. Although not everyone will open your email and read it, if you are sending the right things and the information they are looking for, then your open rate will grow. With emails, you’re looking at building deeper relationships with your customers.

If you are serious about growing your email list you have to put your lead magnet out there, everywhere. Your potential customers need multiple opportunities on many platforms to sign up. And, remember, your lead magnet’s job is to convert traffic into leads and customers and should be everywhere because you never know where your lead will eventually come from.

In this FREE guide, we are sharing 10 places to share your lead magnets to grow your email list.