Masterclass: Stop talking, Start Videoing

Overcoming your fear of video to grow your business

Course Summary

You'll learn: 

  • The value of video (real life stories)
  • How to make your fear, your motivator
  • The perspective change that will change the way you feel about video
  • How to go from zero vid personality, to bringing the 'you' into your videos!
  • The apps that make it easy peasey, lemon squeezey!

Course Curriculum


Self Mastery Coach -

As a Self Mastery Coach and Founder of SwellCoach, for the past five years Claire has been working mainly with female business owners and leaders, to help them overcome fear, self-doubt and their mental blocks to sales and business growth.

Claire’s success with her clients comes through revealing the missing link between being a confident leader and business success – the Inside-Out Illusion.

Claire’s coaching programmes have been described as “the most profound learning experience I’ve ever had” and “above and beyond the best”.

Her clients gain insights leading to sustainable change in the areas of: self-belief, overcoming fear and self-doubt, naturally and comfortably attracting new clients and creating more impact to grow their network, impact, business and income.