Marketing Mindset - Rewire Your Beliefs About Marketing And Sales To Generate More Impact & Profit

Course Summary

In this masterclass, we are going to uncover common 'blocks' that business owners face when it comes to marketing and selling online. Often intertwined with our own self-limiting beliefs, we have our own set of belief systems that I have seen and experienced causing imposter syndrome, procrastination, fear and more that definitely do not support your desires to serve and generate profits! In this session expect to uncover some annoying truths and reframe beliefs for better outcomes.


Hannah Cremona is a business strategist and mindset mentor who loves to break rules of societal conditioning. She guides and co-creates with other conscious creators, leaders who are building their soul-led, purpose-driven business with the aim of empowering them into their authentic leadership and building a profitable business in alignment.

Through organic and authentic marketing strategy, personal branding and conscious leadership Hannah believes that with these keys we can heal and transform more people and ultimately the planet.

Hannah works with solo entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as training for corporate clients and mentorship for senior executive.

By profession, Hannah is a Marketing & Business Development expert, qualified in Marketing, Digital Marketing and NLP. Hannah combines learnt skills, natural strengths, know-how, experience and a great depth of intuition.

She is a mum-to-be (expecting in January) from Malta. When she’s not behind her laptop, you'll find her by the Mediterranean or immersed in lush foothills or the chaotic valleys of the Himalayas in Nepal … often times these are the views behind her laptop!

Course Curriculum