Intuitive Tapping Process

Empower and align your life with energy tools

Course Summary

The Intuitive Tapping technique is a simple yet powerful process that helps us to clear out the old, and become more aligned with our desires.

You will be taken through an experiential journey, as well as learning alchemic energy tools that you can utilise in all areas of your life.

Please have a pen and paper handy.

This process involves: 

  • Becoming conscious of the old stories. 
  • What the Intuitive Tapping process is and how to use it.
  • Intuitive Tapping process "Clearing old blocks."
  • Future visioning to access what it is that we desire.
  • Intuitive Tapping process "Bringing in the new"
  • Connecting with a foundation of inner compassion.
  • Bonus - Boundaries for Empaths and Highly Sensitives.

This process is experiential as well as informative, and can be revisited with any situation.  


Gilly Godward, Intuitive mentor and Energy healer, shares with you this powerful process that has empowered her clients over the past 20 years.

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Course Curriculum