Do Less - Achieve More as a small business on Instagram

A crash course for small businesses on how to succeed on Instagram without investing too much time, money or effort

Course Summary

Explore all the aspects, secrets and cosy corners of this wonderful platform to help you find your engaged, awesome community and promote your business or personal brand effectively and without spending too much time, money or effort.


  • From frightened to excited - upgrade your Instagram mindset! I'm a firm believer that Instagram loves those who love it back, so the first day of our Instagram Intensive we'll spend figuring out how to stop being intimidated or annoyed by Instagram updates and embrace all the tools it gives you instead, how to feel joy and excitement every time you go online or create new content, how to find friends and not people who are 'better than you' on this platform. Trust me, this is more important than you think because your audience can see if what you do, you do with love or whether you're just there because you're 'supposed to be'. ENJOYING IT is the KEY to your success on Instagram! And we'll discuss how exactly you can change your mindset to a more positive, curious, excited approach.
  • Stand out from the crowd. How to develop and maintain your unique, recognisable style  Instagram is a visual platform. The first thing people will judge you on - before learning about what you do, before even reading your bio or a single caption - is how aesthetically pleasing your account is. Your beautiful feed can be a deal breaker when deciding whether to follow you and if they want to get to know you better. Do all your posts have the same style? Do you use brand colours and fonts or other graphic elements that help people recognise your posts before even seeing your Instagram handle? Do your Stories make people pause and read what you have to say? Do your Reels covers explain what's inside the video? Do you have this little twist, something uniquely you in your posts that no one else has? The good news is, developing your 'stand out from the crowd' style on Instagram is NOT THAT HARD. Actually, you can do it all in-app! You don't need any other platforms. Instagram is such a versatile platform with literally millions of tools to help you customise and tweak your content to make it special and representative of what you do, your values and your style.
  • Content is NOT the king - showing up, growing your business and making sales without posting.  Surprised? Well, you're not alone! People generally tend to think that the only way to sell and promote your business on Instagram is to post something.  But this is not the only way. It's not even the most important and effective way!  You can grow your community, make sales and be present on Instagram WITHOUT POSTING ANY UPDATES AT ALL! Let's unlock the 'social' part of social media today. I'll explain to you all the how's and why's ;)
  • Instagram Stories: why, when and how to increase your Stories views. Stories is probably my favourite corner of Instagram. They're real, they're quick, they're effortless and they can be extremely effective for your business. So, let's talk Stories today!  What should you post? When should you post (and does it even matter??) ? How to increase your reach on Stories? What are all these stickers everyone is using?  We will discuss EVERYTHING there is to know about Stories.
  • Instagram Reels.  Undoubtedly the most important and, quite possibly, the scariest Instagram tool available to us! Of course, we couldn't avoid talking about Instagram Reels in this Intensive. The platform representatives often say how important Reels are to them and share all the steps they make to help people reach a wider audience with their Reels. So, if you're still avoiding Reels, you're only hurting your business and missing out on an easy, FUN way to find your community.  I'll talk about some of the important things to help you reach more people and grow your audience via Reels.

Course Curriculum