The Quarterly Review Masterclass

Unlocking Success In Your Professional and Personal Life

Course Summary

In this workshop, Kathryn Price will share a powerful review process that she's been using in her personal and professional life for many years.

  • Review the past three months 
  • Gain clarity and perspective 
  • Take stock and reset 
  • Get crystal clear on your goals for the next quarter 
  • Prepare for what is to come

Take the time to look at what's working and what's not and assess the factors to help move you towards your goals.  


For more than three decades Kathryn has been on her own intentional personal development journey and has, as a result, created a life she never imagined possible.

As a shy, insecure, and self-loathing 24-year-old flight attendant, Kathryn had a wake-up call standing in the back galley of a Boeing 767 aircraft. The crew was chatting just prior to taking their seats for landing when it struck her – everyone else was so excited to get home, and all Kathryn wanted to do was turn around and go back. Anywhere!

Long story short, Kathryn knew something was wrong and decided to 'fix' herself. She found a psychotherapist and her journey began. She quickly discovered she was suffering from depression having buried her grief after her mother's death twelve years earlier.

From the enormous and life-changing strides she was able to make over many years, Kathryn became super-passionate about helping other women do the same. In particular, to find the clarity and the courage to go after what they truly want in life, personally or professionally.

In her business as an author, speaker, and mentor, Kathryn offers individual sessions, group programs, and online events. In 2022, Kathryn published her first book, Flourish – Trust your gut and live life on your own terms, a collection of stories, lessons learned, and practical exercises from her thirty-five-year personal journey.

Course Curriculum