Start your Linkedin Profile

A Beginner's Guide to Power Up Your Presence on LinkedIn

Course Summary

This course, "Start Your LinkedIn Profile", is explicitly designed for beginners just starting with LinkedIn. It covers all the essential information and steps you need to take to set up your profile, including creating your account, understanding the different sections of your profile, and focusing on the most important areas for success on the platform. With this course, you'll have the foundation to build a strong LinkedIn presence and connect with others in your professional network.

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Hey there! I'm Marina Sciarrino, a coach for impact-driven professionals. I help you upgrade your mindset, stay ahead of the marketing game, and create new digital marketing assets in just 90 days – all without stress or burnout.

LinkedIn is one platform I highly recommend for coaches, consultants, and service providers. That's why I created a free <> to help you optimize your profile without getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed.

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  Ultimate Linkedin Checklist

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