How To Take Instagram Photos That Would Sell

Taking beautiful, effective photos for Instagram isn't that hard!

Course Summary

No matter how awesome your caption is, how perfectly chosen your keywords and hashtags are, how thought through your branding is... if your potential clients and customers see unassuming photos of your products/services that don't spark that WANT in them, you WON'T SELL!

Instagram is a VISUAL platform, so it all starts with a photo. If it's not good, the rest can't save the situation.

But, there is good news! Taking beautiful, selling photos for Instagram is not that hard! You don't need a professional photographer or a photo stylist to make what you do look appealing to your audience. Actually, all you need is your phone and a little planning.


  • the technical tips for taking better photos with just your phone camera
  • tips on how to plan your feed in advance and minimise the time you spend on taking gorgeous, high-quality photos worthy a magazine spread, as well as convenient tools to plan and implement these changes
  • discover how to achieve a consistent look that will make people stop scrolling and start paying attention to your account
  • we'll discuss props, colours, filters

Once you start taking better photos for Instagram, all the efforts you've previously put into writing great captions, choosing THE RIGHT hashtags and engaging with your audience will pay off.

About Kseniia Spodyneiko:

Kseniia has been working with Instagram since the platform was first launched over 10 years ago.

A social media manager for Cosmopolitan Russia first, she later started her own adventure of becoming a travel blogger and sharing the most beautiful locations in the world with her Instagram audience.  

As a travel blogger, Kseniia worked with the Ministry of Tourism in Maldives, Finland, Israel, Morocco and other countries, as well as brands like Apple, BMW, Skoda, TheMarket, American Tourister, American Eagle Outfitters and others.  

Currently, Kseniia manages her own bookstagram account, as well as helping indie authors worldwide grow their social media presence and improve their online branding. She also looks after Focus Tribe Online and focus magazine Instagram accounts.  Kseniia has a Masters in Journalism and while her specialty lies in print media (magazines and newspapers), the required course on photography certainly helps with taking better photos for Instagram.

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