Hold That Boost!

Gearing Up for Facebook Ad Success

Course Summary

It’s so important to understand the groundwork before going live with a Facebook advert. 

  • Why you should look at Facebook Ads rather than hitting the Boost button 
  • What to expect when you run ads 
  • How much will you spend on ads? 
  • Pre-ad checkup-Is your business ready?

About Stacy Covitz

Stacy Covitz is a digital marketer who helps online businesses increase their web traffic and sales.

 A Southern California girl at heart, Stacy transplanted to the Midwest and now calls Indiana home. She's a mom to four daughters, wife, and dog and cat mom. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, concerts, movies, and endless rabbit holes of more knowledge. She also loves creating gift guides for her gift blog stacyswag.  

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/stacyandco
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